Jamin Feng studies at Columbia University

From June 25 to July 13, 2018, SpeakOutBC Director Jamin Feng had the momentous experience of studying summer school at Columbia University! Jamin went to the Big Apple, New York City, to Columbia University to study at the School of Professional Studies. They have an incredible Summer Program for High School Students and Jamin was able to focus and learn a great deal about Globalization: Challenges in International Economics and Politics.

Session I was on International Relations and Global Policy. Session II was on US Political Economy – Idealogical Constraints and Globalization. Through these sessions, Jamin learned about theories on international economics, trade, monetary policies, sustainable development, and international cooperation. Jamin produced college-level work throughout the course, earning him high praise from his instructors, who anticipate a bright academic future for Jamin!

Congratulations Jamin! We cannot wait to see what knowledge and skills you bring from these sessions to your members at SpeakOutBC!

Jamin Feng studies at Columbia University

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